Technology Innovation Center Međimurje
Bana Josipa Jelačića 22
40 000 Čakovec



Regional Development Agency Međimurje – REDEA Ltd. was founded in 2004 (as a successor of The Međimurje Entrepreneurial Center, established in 1998) by the Medjimurje County in Croatia, in order to support the process of sustainable development of Medjimurje. The Agency is most active in the fields of strategic planning, SME support, rural development and agriculture as well as investment promotion. More and more projects are being directed towards human resource development in Međimurje County.
The Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje project is implemented by the Regional Development Agency Međimurje – REDEA Ltd. TIC started its activities in October 2009. During the first five years of its operation TIC will be supported by BICRO as a part of the TEHCRO programme. TIC will operate in three buildings with total surface area of 2.600 m2 in the area of former barracks in Čakovec. This will make TIC a part of the Knowledge centre consisting of development institutions and Međimurje Polytechnics.

The purpose of the project is to:
  • foster technological development of the region by developing technology infrastructure and by creating conditions for employing young experts,
  • create conditions for incubation of knowledge-based start ups and encourage establishment and work of such companies within TIC,
  • create conditions for providing services of technology transfer and commercialization of innovation ,
  • strengthen regional and international partnerships which will result in providing quality services and best practice transfer.