Technology Innovation Center Međimurje
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Time Type Topic Speakers
09:30 Ceremony Opening Ceremony

Matija Derk (Director, REDEA)
Ivan Perhoč (County Prefect, Međimurje County) Ministry of Science, Education and Sport,
Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship

10:00 Keynote lecture Science & Technology Parks and Regional Development: The Triple Helix Harmony Manuel Cendoya (Former General Manager of San Sebastian Technology Park, Miramon, Spain)
10:30 Panel discusion Technology Innovation Centres and New Business Support Structures Fatima São Simão (Office Head, UPTEC PINC, University of Porto,Portugal)
Manuel Cendoya (Former General Manager of San Sebastian Technology Park, Miramon, Spain)
Lars G. Larsson (Director, Bearing Consulting, Sweden)
Pero Lučin (Rector, University of Rijeka, Croatia) (tbc)
Matija Derk (Direktor, REDEA, Croatia)
Jakša Puljiz (Inst. for International Relations) - moderator
12:30 Break Lunch Break
13:00 Panel discussion Softlanding Platform Services Dalibor Marijanović (Director, BICRO, Croatia)
Jorge Posada (Director, Vicomtech, Spain)
Avelino Pinto (Director, SpinPark, Portugal)
Matija Derk (Direktor, REDEA, Croatia) - moderator
14:30 Break Coffee Break
15:00 Workshop Service Innovations and Technology Transfer Maria Oliveira (Head of Office, University of Porto Innovation, Portugal)
16:30 Presentation Science and innovation investment fund - (SIIF) Rein Ruubel (team leader, SIIF,Croatia)
16:45 End of day one
Time Type Topic Speakers
09:30 Panel Discussion Funding Opportunities for Start-ups and innovative SME's Avelino Pinto (Director, SpinPark, Portugal)
Ivo Friganović (Senior Executive Manager, Innovations Sector, BICRO, Croatia)
Bernt Geiger (Founder, Triangle Ventures, Germany)
Saša Cvetojević (CRANE/Seedcamp)
Mirna Marović (President, Croatian Venture Capital Association, Croatia) – moderator
11:15 Presentation European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) Međimurje Challenge Ulrike Daniels (Business Development, Anwendungszentrum, Njemačka),
Project presentation of the regional finalists
12:30 Break Lunch Break
12:00 - 13.30 Showcase Services and Products Presentation* Innovative SMEs
13:30 Training  Seminar Entrepreneurship Training on How to Finance a Business Wolfgang Kniejski (Chairman, INI-Novation, Germany),
Dražen Vidović (Director, Railway carriages factory, Croatia)
15:00 Kraj programa
Whole day Matchmaking Short B2B(2B) round-robin type meetings by companies looking for matching partners and those interested in softlanding services** Web registration for B2B meetings
* (presentation stands will be available for the whole day, but representatives are expected to be present during the presentation slot)
** (topics and type of the meeting will be defined according to company's needs )

Panel discussion, day one:
Technology Innovation Centres and new Business Support Structures

Brief Description: Globalisation, new technologies and growth in the service sector are all combined to quicken the pace of change today. In a knowledge-driven economy innovation has become essential for achievements in the business world. With this growth in importance, organisations in both the public and private sectors have launched initiatives to develop methodologies and tools to support entrepreneurship and management of innovation and technology transfer. In this panel discussion, new support structures will be discussed and good practice reference models will be introduced.

Speakers: High-level political decision makers and innovation managers that provide experience of successful reference projects.

Panel discussion, day one:
Softlanding Platform Services

Brief Description: Building joint incubation agreements with organisations from abroad would help the incubator immensely in terms of internationalisation and sharing experience with other technology intermediary entities. It can provide valuable insight to best practice examples, case studies and experiences of the partnering incubator. This partnership can also lead to joint project development and applications for grant schemes and serve as foundation for bigger international consortia. This is why TIC will offer a so-called Softlanding Platform for foreign entrepreneurs and foreign companies offering professional consulting and management services necessary to establish a company and begin commercial activities in the region.

Speakers: Managers and decision makers of successful internationally oriented incubators and innovation centres as well as representatives from globally oriented SMEs.

 Workshop,day one :
Service Innovations and Technology Transfer

Brief Description: The importance of service innovation for the European economy and for economical growth was recognized and reflected in several European Union policy documents over the recent years. While services and service innovation have been increasingly considered as a driving force for competitiveness and growth, the question of how to best support service innovation has only recently been addressed. Thus, the workshop will discuss opportunities to offer innovative high-tech–based services in the region through the support of the Technology Innovation Centre.

Speakers: Representatives of international R&D institutes and managers of local and international innovative SMEs.

 Panel discussion, day two:
Funding Opportunities for Start-ups and innovative SMEs

Brief Description: A successful technology innovation centre should offer consultation services to entrepreneurs also on financial matters. Thus, incubates should be provided with a preferential access to sources of entrepreneurial funds; In parallel, nurturing relations with governmental funding programmes which support technology exploitation measures. This panel session will illustrate the investment and financing needs and solutions throughout all phases along the value generation chain.

Speakers: Sources for funding including  public support schemes and private investors such as business angels, seed investors and co-operating organizations from the venture capital sector.

 ShowCase, day two:
Services and Technology Show and Demonstrations

Brief Description: Through a fair-like event, participating companies will be given opportunity to showcase their services and technologies, in order to establish new collaborations, partnerships, projects, or to open new markets.

Speakers: External expert + VC representative

 Training seminar, day two:
"How to finance my business?"

Brief Description: One of the most important questions regarding the establishment of a business venture is the financing of the preparation and implementation phases. Research results need to be developed for the market, the enterprise concept has to be defined, resources have to be structured, and the first steps towards business operation have to be taken. There exist several different advancement models and financing sources for such steps in the Pre-Seed, Seed and the Start-up phases. This seminar will introduce different forms and unique features of the financing possibilities available.

 Matchmaking, day two:
B2B(2B..) meetings

Brief Description: The matchmaking event is organized as a series of short business-to-business round-robin type meetings by companies looking for matching partners and those interested in softlanding services. Companies will be able to setup meetings online prior to the conference, through the TicTalk2011 website.